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Shipping to EU and partner 1.may 2017

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Verified 23 february

2016 :

Drone provider Lango island mating station :

CD074= .2013 - CD244 x CD217, Anatolica, Sinop (Generation13)

Rating 5,4,3,4

Small/Medium family size. Nice hive order, and homogeneous. Light inbred.

Dark golden band Buckfast drone. Average honey production. Allrounder. Commercial line.

Droneprovider Lango mating station 2002, 2003, 2016

Adapted by AG,CD

Breeder number 2016 :

All mated Lango mating station

CD289= .2014 -.CD200 x CD224, Adami, Crete (G19)

Rating 5,3,3,4

Discovered by Brother Adam. Healthy bee/brood. Early starter. Winterhard. L / XL family size.

Still some swarm tendency and heterosis. Mixed family/drone color. Not stable

Cluster queen cells. Bad hiveorder. Race extinct, according RW (CY).

Production above average. Dadant. Queen line. Not commercial

Adapted by FF(DE), (CD-G3)

CD302= .2014 - CD093 x CD224, Pedigree missing in the years around World War II. Origin N/A (G32)

Rating 5,5,3,4

Eldest known Buckfast line. Mixed with new import/combination in DE.

Nice temper,little swarm tendency, average or above production (heterosis). Mixed family/drone color.

Queen line.

Adapted by AH (DE), (CD-G3)

CD214= .2012 - CD295 x CD233, Anatolica, Chorum (G19)

Rating 5,3,3,4

Better temper, dark brown Buckfast. Honey production above average.

Nice robust brood sealing. Queen line.

Adapted by FF (DE), (CD-G2)

CD152= .2014 - CD298 x CD224, Armenica,Erzurum (G15)

Rating 5,3,3,4

Fast build up. Mixed color on family/drone. Flies in cold weather. High varoa tolerance/health

Lighter Buckfast. Above average production (heterosis). Medium swarming.

Queen line. Not commercial/homogene

Adapted by FF (DE), (CD-G3)

CD270= .2014 - CD291 x CD224, Anatolica 1972, Sinop (G22)

Rating 5,5,4,3

Clean frames, no propolis. Nice comb build. Allround nice hive order. Medium/Large family size.

Average honey production. Earlier very commercial (DK). Huge winter cluster 2.year. Slow build up. Low/no swarming. Top of pop 2016.

Drone provider Lango mating station 1991, 1992, 2005, 2008, 2017

Adapted by KB,PS,CD all DK

CD248= .2012 - CD257 x CD233, Monticola, Kenya (G10)

Rating 5,2,3,2

Still tricky temper. Mixed color on family/drone.

Monticola has faster brood development and lower Varroa. Healthy brood pattern. Below average honey production.

Not commercial. Queen line.

Adapted by FF (DE), (CD-G3)

CD049= .2014 - CD220 x CD224, Cecropia, Longos (G19).

Rating 5,3,3,4

Golden band Buckfast drone. Homogene brown color on bee. Above average production. Low or no swarming.

Healthy bee. Commercial line.

Drone provider Lango mating station 2013.

Adapted by FF (DE), (CD-G3)

CD125= .2014 -CD036 xCD224, Anatolica Sinop (G23)

Rating 5,5,5,3

Clean frames, no propolis. Nice comb build. Allround nice hive order. Small/Medium family size

Average production. Earlier very commercial (DK) Very homogene and mostly gentle F1

Droneprovider Lango mating station 1999, 2004, 2010, 2012

Adapted by KB,PS,CD - all DK

CD272= .2014 - CD084 x CD224, Sahariensis, Atlas (G15)

Rating 5,2,3,5

Tricky temper. Vicious open mated, 2 feno: Medium / XL or larger, great wing power mid /

late summer, "meat-bee", Dadant,

Thick white honey comb sealing, beautiful comb build (comb honey sales), commercial

line in EU. Average or above honey production.

Sahariensis is sensitive to Chronic Paralysis Virus and has no commercial value (Brother Adam)

NB:Always queen line only. Not commercial (My advice.)

Adapted by KB,CD

CD264= .2013 - CD224 x CD217, Anatolica Sinop (G23)

Rating 5,4,4,3

Light inbred (Same father as droneprovider Lango mating station 2016) Allrounder. Velvet robust brood sealing.

Golden band drone. Average production. Small/medium size family and homogene.

Commercial line DK.

Droneprovider Lango mating station 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2014

Adapted by PT,CD (DK)

CD072= .2014 - CD150 x CD224, Anatolica, Sinop (G24)

Rating 5,5,5,2

Winterhard. No swarming. Lighter Buckfast

Garden bee. Small compact family/brood pattern, average or below average honey production.

Had a Ligustica mating (NB, Lyo) in 1991

Droneprovider Lango mating station 1990, 2015

Adapted by PS,MB,NB,CD - all DK

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